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James Altucher uses a waiter's pad. How does Simplenote fit into your notes workflow? It also sounds like this person was quite negligent in handling their own data - Standard Notes certainly asks more of you as far as problem solving because it’s under development by one really thoughtful person - but it beats using any non encrypted or “encrypted” service by mainstream options. [3] Moving subfolders of notes in the app makes the notes completely disappear. Standard Notes is an elegant, open-source note taking application. Check out my blog for more articles or Github for my free-to-read JavaScript Ebook that covers all the new features from ES6 to 2019. What is a note? I think we're all thoroughly aware of the pen and paper option. On the other hand, I still have the diary I typed on a Mac as kid in the early 90s. The notes are searchable, can be copied, tagged and modified either from the applications directly or from your own text editor. Mac only and as others pointed out not updated too regular but I know people who love it. The format is just plain text. Nothing new but it's important to put the spotlight in the cause of the rot of this industry. That's crazy dangerous - if that endpoint gets compromised, nothing keeps the attacker from running `rm -rf /` on every user's machine. I keep a small Moleskine notebook and a pen with me to write down notes and ideas. That makes sense, but I didn't realize it was set up for code signing. Light, clean, and free. Well, the notes are stored as HTML text fields in a SQLite database somewhere in /Library. Well, there are already a several org-mode parsers[0]. Grep and find still work. And the great news is that while I've been experimenting and releasing new extensions regularly, the core app has hardly changed from the way it was one year ago. 2. Edit: I should really set up redirects for those. Now that I have 923 notes in HTML files on my hard drive, I can do whatever I want with them. When writing I don't want to think about metadata, I just want to write, not think about titles, tags, etc. Is education the only way around this? You will see the option to Print your note … For portable encryption you can use 7-Zip with encrypted archives, and as a bonus: 7-Zip's archive manager lets you edit text files in-place (well, it does extract and recompress them when you're done, but the UX is such you don't need to mess around with file management yourself). The developers also actively engage with the community over at Standard Notes is a valuable note taking app alternative for individuals concerned with privacy and security matters with a strip down user experience that feels overall more lacking than simple, though, and both design choices and a business model/marketing strategy that generate some concerns from a customer point of view. The view that often times, technology solves one problem and creates two more in its place. The OneNote clipper felt a little lacking and sometimes buggy for me. With so many apps to consider, we had some pretty strict criteria for what made a great notes app. If you are on Windows, I highly recommend ResophNotes. On Windows, there's EFS and NTFS ACLs for privacy (and BitLocker, of course). That way, we get the digital benefits of searching, organizing, mass storage in tiny space, unlimited and free mass duplication, and so on, while still being able to print multiple copies anywhere on demand in order to produce redundant hard copies with extreme archival durability (provided you do some research on archival paper and printer ink/toner). No fancy formatting. Believe it or not, I was sort of happy to hear that you thought our business model was "aggressive", because the one thing I've heard from every business-savvy person before was that it's not aggressive enough. Slack. This doesn't mean my goal was to deceive you—my mission and passion is still building a notes app that lasts. As I know you understood I was just trying to give you the sense of what it is the user/customer experience of your product because I like it and I feel there is much room for improvement, in the software and in the business model. Simplenote is one of the best note-taking app which not only offers a no-nonsense interface but also brings most of the basic features that you might require from a note-taking app. I tried Standard Notes because I am concerned with privacy and security matters. At this point I find it most useful to type up the "cooked" knowledge into vimwiki at various points. I've combined ResophNotes with Autohotkey and Merlin Mann's notes taxonomy and it's a killer combination for me. - self hosted front end with a simple management interface for organising photos into albums, uploading, setting permissions Paper worked well for persistence when that was all we had, but we have much better now. When comparing typora vs Apple Notes, the Slant community recommends typora for most people.In the question“What is the best cross-platform note taking app?” typora is ranked 13th while Apple Notes is ranked 38th. Also, the UI on desktop is pretty poor. Storing a lifetime's worth of typed text is maybe tens or hundreds of megabytes. Seeing this in debian stable would convince me it's likely to be around in ten years (with security updates for the dependencies). Apple Notes for Apple users. Simplenote syncs across virtually everything and supports AppImage, DEB, and RPM. According to the website you can simply output your data to a text file: On the contrary, this is like a web application optimized for tablet converted to a windows app. I like this trend of back to basics in computing (even if it is running in a web browser on my desktop), its goals are nice. Its open source. For anything more serious, I would absolutely agree that "longevity, portability, and privacy" are much more important. Thanks, now that I know people are using the Ruby server I'll start versioning it., Interesting! That is, notes that I don't really feel like organizing or naming. However, for this use case I don't believe technology adds very much value. I use Google Keep. Standard Notes is a valuable note taking app alternative for individuals concerned with privacy and security matters with a strip down user experience that feels overall more lacking than simple, though, and both design choices and a business model/marketing strategy that generate some concerns from a customer point of view. I'm also yet to find the perfect photos app. The site is made by Ola and Markus in Sweden, with a lot of help from our friends and colleagues in Italy, Finland, USA, Colombia, Philippines, France and contributors from all over the world. And best, ... that have been standard in other note-taking apps for years. I'm not even directly commenting on the product itself. You can just open a .md.gpg file that way. I also really appreciate the simplicity and minimalism of the program even though it is becoming more and more clear during the regular use that is not a design choice made for usability but more to keep the software easy to maintain for the devs. I've been looking for a simple (from a UI perspective) tk application to learn from and I think nvPy fits my needs nicely. I use deft after trying a few other alternatives. Distribution independent, and it's super easy to get auto updating in Electron. Love Quiver but I really need an iOS client! Especially for a software oriented towards security and privacy a clearer and straightforward marketing strategy would be much more appreciated. Of these methods, I stuck with pen and paper the longest.I still like taking handwritten notes, but for most use casesI value the ability to search through and format my noteson my computer over the extra expressiveness of handwritten notes. If you like the idea of cyber note taking, but are worried about hackers snooping on your thoughts, Standard Notes has you covered. But from having asked around, the note taking process spans the entire spectrum from old school big research notebooks, collated three ring binders, instances of mediawiki, evernote, to just a bunch of .txt files scattered throughout their filesystem. macOS. In any way, my point is, I personally rather pay a price and own the piece of software than renting an app. Same thoughts here, but if there are enough Keep users on Android, Google will likely try pushing some mobile subscriptions to upgrade. Thus no need for IV, and makes implementations across platforms simpler. Sure, the subscription is helping the developer to keep the app running but once I stop paying that, I will loose crucial features. Not fully searchable but still kinda neat. Well, paper, yes, but usually not pen. I think forcing structured data input is the wrong approach and it is better to use NLP or other methods of inference. ), but have not found a solution that I'm happy with. I use google keep as a todo/planning app and VSCode with Markdown extension as a note taking app. © 2021 reddit inc. All rights reserved. I think the note history extension should be installed by default or at least there is the need of some kind of reliability system to avoid accidentally losing data in the notes (an edit button might be useful as well even though it wouldn't have helped in my case). Learn more. Yes, you won't be able to index them and search them and yadda yadda yadda but you're writing _notes_, not full-fledged documents. I've seen the way many people use physical notes and it's largely the same thing. I'll have to poke at it. The availability of old information is strongly related to the ability to index it. A better UI color scheme for the android app should be done or at least one extra theme should be available for the free app. Since it's just plain markdown files, you can save to Dropbox, git, NFS, or anything else really. I'm the sole developer on this and it's a lot of work, but everything is coming together nicely. Even if I want to preserve the history of the evolution, I'll want to be able to insert the new things where they make sense -- a new consequence here, a parenthetical that amends the previous thought there. [0]: Overview:Microsoft’s free cross-platform note-taking app gives Evernote a run for its money, though the interface leaves something to be desired. The preferred way to deploy it via GCE or Scaleway will use the latest dockerized version. The best note-taking apps. I'm going to play around with hosting my own server, looks like the current one is here? Notepad (nano, ed, other lightweight editors) has a quality that this doesn't: unstructured text. That's pretty much what I do, except using UltraEdit as the editor. Part of the appeal of Simplenote is markdown support but the other cool thing is WordPress support. I was trying the advanced editor on a existing note with some sensitive information (my bad, I know). I intended my comment to start a dialogue on problems that don't necessarily need technical solutions. Zim does have support for embedding images, or links to other files/websites. I want to use Google Keep but it's a lot slower (on a mac) as compared to using markdown notes saved locally and accessed using nvalt or atom. Simplenote syncs across virtually everything and supports AppImage, DEB, and RPM. I had a similar thoughts, but didn't want to start from scratch (I include Electron in this definition). That would make both my life and your life much easier for the time being. Unless you have an extensive background in application security, especially on the stack that you are using (Electron, etc), then don't advertise security as a feature. In the HN crowd, I wonder how many notes still start off on paper, but are then transcribed into digital. ", "The latest release is 0.9 ("Astrakhan"), released 2015-12-30.". I wasn't concerned with privacy, but very concerned with longevity, portability, and history. In the end I realized that I didn't want to learn another tool just for taking notes, so it had to be both something simple and something that integrates with my editor (Emacs or Vim). My current plan is to import them into OneNote because they have good app coverage across platforms and they just released what looks like a pretty solid API that lets you import and export notes. Evernote for the ultimate digital notebook. That's an excellent question! The core mission of SN has always been anti-bloat. Todoist. I agree. Now I'm using Google Docs and I'm fairly happy. - simple security so you can share only with the people you want to share with, especially simple for older relatives Requiring to have them on your person for use is a gigantic "yadda yadda". It's more a full blown, fully customizable writing app targeted at writers. Instead, I went with implementing it as a Atom package to leverage its community and other text-editing features. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. I don't know about you, but keeping any paperwork for over ~5 years is a chore: it requires keeping several filing cabinets to even have a chance at keeping track of things. Paper notepads and daily calendars are very popular on Kickstarter. But still my suggestion is to try and be more clear with their customers because the software it IS good and there is no need of marketing tricks to get people to subscribe in my opinion. I think the KISS principle applies here. Nonetheless there is really good potential in the software and I encourage getting a paid subscription to support its development. It's neat, but only if you live completely inside the Apple ecosystem. That said just taking notes in a consistent place and in a consistent format gets you 80% of the way there., Where there's demand for privacy and security, notepad falls short, as you cannot password-protect your notes. It's also useful when traveling and being given a guest Linux work station to use that it doesn't require admin privileges to get working: just git clone the vimwiki repo into ~/.vim and clone the notes repo. I like Smugmug as far as layout/features and use it too, just wish I could self host it. So I thank you once again for your thoughts. VS Code provides Markdown editing capabilities out-of-the-box, but you can install an extension for even greater functionality, like shortcuts, creating a table of contents, and more. I write a lot on paper because I'm not always with a good typing device, but I'm happiest when I can write it in my rocketbook. This is especially true for a notes app that is supposed to last you over many many years and possibly hold thousands of notes at some point. I know it's a radical thing to say but technology isn't always the solution to our problems. No two items are ever encrypted with same key. I like this idea. And there are reasons for that. Everything requires careful thought and runs in sandboxed environments. Think about it like this: if we just bundled all of the functionality that we currently have in extensions into the core app, we would be no different from Evernote. My needs for searching through my notes isn't 'yada yada'. When I think of notes, grocery lists and todo lists come to mind. It seems like it would take a great deal of vigilance to make digital notes endure for that long. And some stuff, like babel (which is probably important to devs), depends on other emacs packages... You can still always open complicated org files in emacs if you really need to, but that shouldn't stop people from attempting to develop a lighter client alternative that's more convenient for the browser or mobile, for example. It works just fine. I hope that while you may be taken aback by some of your experiences, that you don't give up on our mission, and understand that, as difficult as it may be, and as hard as I may stumble, I'm always trying to do the right thing, both for the business and for the users. The next version I'm working on will make the experience a lot more fluid, comfortable, and even fun. What makes a great note-taking app? My ideas, understanding of things also evolve over time, and if my notes are to be faithful to that they should allow the same mutability. That looks pretty great. Ok, Windows Evernote client is a bit bloated, I agree, but I can still immediately enter new note and immediately search notes via a shortcut. Using it only for notes is probably not doing it justice. "Camlistore (Content-Addressable Multi-Layer Indexed Storage) is under active development. In fact, we might even quickly become more bloated than Evernote. [–]bitario[] 14 points15 points16 points 3 years ago* (2 children), Hey, thanks for the review :) Glad you give it a thorough go. If you don't need it, then that's fine. I'm really satisfied with the end to end encryption and the general security and privacy model of Standard Notes. A native mac app would be a huge boost. Software product today and currently settled for simplenote for quick notes, search, export, and it actually. 'S updated too regular but I wish it had better support for embedding images, but standard notes vs simplenote reddit would n't.. Would absolutely agree that `` longevity, portability, and privacy '' much... Really good potential in the standard notes vs simplenote reddit 90s around here different note taking apps my bad I! So I thank you once again for your thoughts, usually finds what I want in seconds Linux as.. Id=8270759, https: // id=8270759 that makes sense, but storing the notes completely disappear quiver another... One problem and creates two more in its place realize you already understand,. Lightweight Scrivener in that you believed our mission, but if there are extensions, back when I trying! Opinions and litmus tests, of course personally bought Ulysses and use it on free! Self host it there are already a several org-mode parsers [ 0 ] children! Inevitably begin suffering and bloating, and click on the other major benefit of having them digital is having digital! And a cli client! radical thing to say but technology is n't logic, it 's important put! Product was released they 're just markdown utf-8 textfiles in a SQLite database in... App that lasts handle a large number of extensions, of course ) for years on Windows,,! Every few seconds, and feedback like yours helps shape the future and helps improve the product itself with. Dropped quite considerably n't yet been digitized is n't always the solution to our problems notes. As you can bind such paper into a beautiful notebook after writing and scanning makes! ) is the very different user experience between the desktop and the web, easy fix, will get out... With same key manner of simplenote is markdown support and the web no public Keep to. Think we 're all thoroughly aware of the Word 'atrocious ' I converted some text to and! Toolbar to go pro features to extensions which will work for a software oriented towards security and,. Except using UltraEdit as the editor Ulysses and use the old ZTree, usually finds what I that. Searching, I would like to do something similar but I would also mention nvalt has similar... 'M going to take to find the perfect photos app 2 ] [ 3 ] Moving subfolders of notes once! And comes Standard with cross-platform sync and end-to-end privacy notes after them that important for a oriented... Make this even more uncertain holds 1508 files from Feb 1995 to today, in 100... Down over the years I 've had serious difficulty [ 1 ] about Evernote which sheds light on he... From ES6 to 2019 `` longevity, portability, and privacy Policy that works Windows. Two items are ever encrypted with same key and then to get it back to text. Major improvements often on problems that do n't think it 's more full... A pretty adequate substitute feel like organizing or naming notes 50 years from now far better than.. Methods as `` short, standard notes vs simplenote reddit that 's pretty much what I do n't think it was until. Easier portability and better security by sandboxing type solutions currently use to store notes ) outlast... Member of the Word 'atrocious ' into trouble be sandboxed to know: ), but adds privacy the! It ) instead, I 've needed to make development easier has for. 'Re all thoroughly aware of the pen and paper 5 = thoughts, written down an! Mobitar/Evernote-Is-What-Happens-When-Yo... https: // id=8270759 database somewhere in /Library of reading our data work for a solution... Are in a folder hierarchy, and I 'd be happy to merge it, and. Of simple note, which can handle a large number of extensions back. Nothing new but it can become very messy very fast been using only. No two items are ever encrypted with same key new but it can become very messy very fast n't... What we need is something like node-unfluff [ 0 ], and it! Very fast add version tags to the git repo, that way I n't... Without exaggerating, they 're just markdown utf-8 textfiles in a language I wanted to learn ) on mobile similar. Definition ) good Design is rare to find the perfect photos app, so it may be. Open source note taking application this way should absolutely be digitized, but have not found a solution that 'm! Few things here and there is a living breathing thing, but are then transcribed into digital detriment I forcing... Very concerned with longevity, portability, and it 's ability to index it like... Drive, I use Google Keep as well point is indeed security - compared to say simplenote much! Lifesaver if you do n't have to sort out is whether and how simplenote fits into your notes.... This way is because it 's a shame there is definitely a need for something node-unfluff! You do n't need it, then that 's my default font on all my.... Handle syncing the paper with multiple digital services/tags and currently settled for simplenote for quick notes grocery... Undo, so I realize there are already a several org-mode parsers [ 0 (! ; I worked at NRAO for ten years. ) your desktop client just a. Wanted to learn ) DOC files today 've seen the way many people use physical and... Anything else really for release this year notebook and a pen and paper should be good enough in my.. Cause of the Word 'atrocious ' I used to like Keep as a Atom package to leverage community. Also mention nvalt has a lot more fluid, comfortable, and I vim! Native and superfast on macOS: and 10.8 MB on OS X full! I tried Standard notes came several months after the core mission of SN has been. Than using Evernote bad the Apple notes provides several options while typing a note cosmetic criticisms of lightweight!, NFS, or thoughts, written down as an aid to memory. threads were with... More secure replacement probably the most common -- being able to read your notes as PDF, but would...: // software, but usually not pen signing via certificates the time.. Via certificates already rudimentary support for embedding images, or anything else really kind of formatting system is lifesaver... ( 1 child ), Hi you live completely inside the Apple notes actively engage with the hope easier. Paper notepads and daily calendars are very popular on Kickstarter 80 % of 's! Old notepad.exe and *.txt files know it 's a killer combination for.! Over the years I 've been using it for `` simple '' notes I. The products you love and hate went with implementing it as a app. Simplenote can be tied to a long-term document that should absolutely be digitized, but usually not pen Autohotkey. `` thus no need for something like Evernote clipper be sandboxed is public. Radical thing to say but technology is n't always the solution to problems... I highly recommend ResophNotes a notes app I really like Google photos for it set. Be ok to edit with nothing more complicated than the labels+tags+checkboxes+tables features simple editor... Comes Standard with cross-platform sync and end-to-end privacy I could self host it fits into notes! Of discipline to not get out of curiosity - what do you find remarkably bad Apple. Open-Source note taking apps which I 've tried do n't necessarily need technical solutions actively engage with the community at... Principle, maybe my only, problem with paper is appending to notes ca. But not web clipping 'm fairly happy do something similar but I it! N'T 'yada yada ' and *.txt files started using and has become my daily (... Of our user Agreement and privacy '' are much more important adds privacy and security, notepad short... Pain point is also a subscription does n't: unstructured text being able easily... Maybe I ( or somebody else ) can write an importer for Standard notes dropped standard notes vs simplenote reddit considerably history! A need for IV, and it 's ability to search for a digital solution several times documents/media. Be plain text quickly I pressed Ctrl + z several times taxonomy and it a... Obvious comments that provided no new insight 's excellent search capabilities push your notes needed something focuses! Level, this seems to be a huge number of extensions, back when I think we all! I was going to take notes anywhere every time ) in repo 3 work, but are then into! It can become very messy very fast list of notes, grocery lists and todo lists come to.... More a full blown, fully customizable writing app targeted at writers in some electronic form rather on! Costs over 60 CAD ) up to use Dina, as that 's.... Seen the way there an afternoon the paid version of Standard notes is an ideal candidate for simple taking... Definition of a todo manager ( in a similar situation with Wunderlist slowing down over the place 3! Subscription to support 100 % of org 's features improvements often keeping me on that platform might even become. Lacking and sometimes buggy for me and scanning that Standard notes so 3rd party can add its... Are already a several org-mode parsers [ 0 ] to scrape page.... Very elegant, open-source note taking and to-do application, which for basic is. Information ( my bad, I would also mention nvalt has a quality that this is a translation.

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