hydrocal vs plaster of paris

It's a slower method and takes longer to set up, but I like the results. Hydrocal doesn't take paint easily. Woodland Scenics materials are easy to buy, but very expenssive. Strictly my O/P  as some doe paint hydrocal to seal it first. a 10 pound box of this hydrocal was I think 10 bucks..so 1 dollar a pound. I use light weight premixed drywall seam cement for my plaster and my ground goop. There's also a Hydrocal rock face casting (WS mold) in there for good measure. Even though your plaster mix has been mixed correctly with no bubbles.. you can and will still get an impartial filling of the cracks and detail. Plaster of Paris (USG No. There is a product called hydrocal light where the disparity may be truly noticeable. I use PofP now only for rock castings. Mabye in more humid climates though. 5 posts Hydrostone vs. regular plaster of paris Hydrostone vs. regular plaster of paris. I am needing to do some landscaping. Its easy-to-mix formula dries to a dense, durable finish that resists paint absorption. Usually this is a lot cheaper than buying it in the Woodland Scenics format. It is used for making casts. Cycling. Lived in seven countries, now live in Sundown, Louisiana. Now, I use premixed drywall mud, over foam for the base, but still use plaster of paris for rock castings. manage your account online and more! Densite is the name. I would not use dirt(too much organic stuff in it). Now for my last pic.. just a side note.. but someone out there might want to know. Peter. If mixed with with fine sand (even play ground sand) at one unit by weight of plaster to 0.5 units of sand the result is a good, strong refractory material that easily holds through centrifugal casting. The Sculptamold is somewhere in the middle between plaster and hydrocal as far as weight, and doesn't chip as easily as plaster. Trains. When painting the plaster into the mold.. Pouring a lifecast with Hydrocal Plaster. drtrmiller. I also agree with you on the size of the grains in the plaster and would only reply.. "You think a Dentists wants a grainy 'impression' of someone's teeth"? It does not dry with the 'hardness' of Hydocal, one of the reasons Hydrocal is favored for 'hard shell' scenery. So plaster is a category that contains Hydrocal, Plaster of Paris, etc... Back to top #3 Offline drtrmiller - Posted June 7 2017 - 4:16 PM. I tint mine with mortar dye, but if I decided to alter it in some way, would the shellac or varathane, whatever, not preclude painting over it..or will acrylics "take"? They just re-package the same materials you can buy elseware in bulk. 4.5 out of 5 stars 701. Otherwise, it will chip very easily. 1. Made most of my castings from plaster of paris. Hydrocal Plaster for Scenery, Dioramas, Dentistry and Mold Casting Bulk Pack Bag - Great for Model Railroads (5 lb with Mold) 4.4 out of 5 stars 7. I think the lightweight hydrocal "takes" the stain in and looks more realistic. I have already commited about $2500 on wood for this train set, 2 loomotives, some cars, construction insulating foam, paints, paint brushes track, power supplies heheh...why am I telling you all this, you all know how it works...   well my wad of cash is gone so im now ready to do things the cheapest way. Edit (added comment) - Also, I believe that Hydrocal is not particularly keen to take paint. 138. I even took pics to see how much detail there was.. and how easy it was to pull Dental plaster out of the mold. Hydrocal's main benefit over plaster of Paris is that it's both lighter and stronger. Another friend loves lightweight hydrocal. Just my 2 cents worth, I spent the rest on trains. Not that Hydrocal is perfect (it's only real flaw is it will break)- but it is ideal for casting and hand-carving, and what I recommend and use. Plaster of Paris vs. Hydrocal White ™ Plaster of Paris is a cheap plaster. I find Hydrocal is better for making rock castings. I did use Sculptamold for a couple of large castings for large, curved … When coloring either Hydrocal or Plaster of Paris it's actually best NOT to paint it but rather stain it. Then I knew.. http://s299.photobucket.com/albums/mm310/TWhite-014/Rio%20Grande%20Yuba%20River%20Sub One can NEVER have too many Articulateds! Here are some mixing tips for White Hydrocal. "CLANK" was the sound, a high pitch clank. It would do so after priming. It should be burned out to get rid of free water as well as some portion of bound … I think Plaster is just fine I have used it before in high school for sculpture projects with no problems. the difference being is that plaster of paris is much more brittle then Hydrocal. Hydrocal vs Light weight Hydrocal vs Plaster of Paris and Ballast. Well this question intrigued me so today I stopped by Michael's Crafts and picked up an 8# bucket of Plaster of Paris @5.29. manage your account online and more! This gave very nice results, too. But, Jeffrey, would that not make the plaster essentially impossible to paint? As far as hydrocal, I have a friend that has been building scenery for 40 years and he swears by the regular plaster of paris. Some LHS's carry these lines, others you have to mail order from. MR subscribers, check out the new All-Time Digital Archives, http://s12.photobucket.com/albums/a235/ARTHILL/, From: Orig: Tyler Texas. I can't give you statistics on this, but plaster of paris is a lot heavier than Hydrocal. Ballast - Most of the Woodland Scenics ballast appears to be crushed walnut shells(or something close). I have bought the real and the woodland...I mixed them and liked the effect. I guess.. when you stir the spoon.. as it is in the pic.. the water floats to the inside of the spoon always staying like that on a slow stir... while the rest of the plaster is being mixed under the spoon. what do they make the real out of? The hydrocal makes a "hard shell" and the plaster of Paris is easy to carve for about an hour. The finished product.. is an extremely thin .. light.. very strong casting. OK for one time use (or maybe 3X if you are careful) Hydocal and Ultracal are gypsum cements and dry much harder and have higher strength, with Ultacal being harder than the Hydrocal. CUTTING HYDROCAL USG HydroCAL white gypsum cement is more along the 5500 lines, and HydroSTONE is rated somewhere in the 9000-10K region. I find Plaster of Paris too soft, and subject to scratches and breakage. It's heavier than Hydrocal but I have no complaints. Well, the thing fell off the table and landed on the tile floor. I hadn't thought of the scouring of the surface to be redone, but I would expect that to be the method. Offers a controlled set that provides uniform workability. Just my opinion...Tim. Yeah, Jeffrey, that makes sense. like a sponge. Mixing fine Vermiculite from a garden supply with plaster of Paris or Hydrocal is also another solution. Pottery plaster … The so-called "lightweight Hydrocal" … I find that hydrocal is just a little lighter than plaster, but doesn't give you a really long 'working' time, at least in my California Basement (garage) layout. It cures slower and is no where near as strong as Hydrocal White ™. This is because (1) it was lying around when I started and (2) I'd used it many times before. When working on anything of any size plaster of paris will flake and or brake off at the edges. Both require extremely strong bench work even overly engineered to the point where it can support more then your own weight, reason being is the least little amount of flexing in the bench work and you now have a pile of white dust that you can clean up off your layout with a shop vac or a dust pan. It is true that Hydrocal requires priming before painting, but it is excellent for places that get a lot of hands-on use and for water proof base for rivers. Share with: Link: Copy link. This just take 10 seconds to clean. Ceramical Gypsum Cement with 6500psi compressions trength. It might be Scenic Express. This allows for much better detail carving. I have some really nice molds which give great results with Hydrocal. 138. So far, it is strong. Post May 25, 2011 #1 2011-05-25T21:59. Cut the plaster … I noticed how thin,  light and how strong the casting was. There are ways to overcome this most common is spraying the hydrocal with a mist of wet water before staining. The name Plaster of Paris first came about in Paris, where there is a … The Bragdon foam results in a very light casting, but there's more effort involved than with a plaster casting. You can make your rocks from plaster of paris and use Sculptamold to adhere them to the layout and also to fill in between them. Get all the moisture you can see off the mold. I am really looking to spend less. USG Hydrocal … Now I don't claim to be an expect.. but only one that wishes to share what I know and what I've done... perhaps it might spark other ideas that lead to better ideas. 1 Moulding Plaster (often referred to as Plaster of Paris or Casting Plaster) is used to create waste molds or temporary patterns where surface hardness and strength are not crucial. Modeling BNSF  and Milwaukee Road in SW Wisconsin. With the base foam (carved for hills and valleys) and the Gypsolite, I only use plaster cloth to bridge over open areas or to merge in the foam with rock castings. On the other hand, the Bragdon castings can be heated with a hair dryer and they will become flexible again, which is nice for fitting around irregular contours. Example:  I had poured a tunnel portal using the dental plaster. I dont' think that is my approach. If you want to use sand,  you will need something very fine and it must have no magnetic material in it(that stuff gets sucked up into you engine's motor). Why?>  When you're done.. and the plaster is dried to your bowl.. just add water.. look closely at the bow.. you'll see a thin film of plaster.. that just slides up and off the rim of the bow. It is extremely non-chip, and molds well. I haven't researched this, or noticed it, but it seems that plaster of paris is probably a bit heavier. Plaster of paris for molds, works well as a less dense/less hard substitute for hydrocal. I also use Gypsolite (LHS, same big jar) which has a nice gritty texture. Hydrocal: n the brand name for a gypsum product, a-hemihydrate, known as artificial stone. What has taken place.. you have removed the 'dryness' or 'surface tension' that is keeping the plaster from really getting in. After I was done.. I have been using the woodland scenics rolls of plaster cloth and styrofoam and newspaper...its going well...9 bucks for a roll...can I do it cheaper? A true friend will not bail you out of jail...he will be sitting next to you saying "that was friggin awesome dude!" For product literature on their wide range of plasters and gypsum cements, call USG at 1-800-621-9622 Hydrocal can also be found at plaster suppliers for only about $40 for a 100-pound bag (that's the smallest bag my supplier, Western Building Materials, carries). Plaster of Paris is one of three types of plaster. Mister Beasley... "Can anyone comment on the relative ability of Hydrocal / Plaster of Paris / dental plaster for picking up fine details in the molds?" The patching plastic allows a greater set-up time for the hydrocal and permits better control of forming the scenery profile. DAP Plaster of Paris sets quickly and can be painted with any oil or latex-based paint when dry. I seal the bottom of the pipe with dry plaster of Paris … Plaster of Paris is 'softer', and can be carved. It's natural tendency is to suck up stains or washes etc. “SuperX” hydrostone is mixed 22 parts water to 100 parts powder. Its stronger. I don't know why.. Puritan Pottery Plaster with 2400psi Compression Strength . Pojman. Beats the heck out of Walmart prices/unit weight/volume. There is a product called hydrocal light where the disparity may be truly noticeable. hydrocal plaster of paris–but not alone! bulk sand? You don't need a lot and it takes forever to put down, so it is cheap per hour of fun. I prime neither when painting. Many good LHS's will buy the bulk bags and re-package it themselves into smaller bags. I'll never ever use anthing else. Members 2,678 posts Hydrocal is the trade name for a stone-like material, similar to hydrostone. This is the result of using a flashlight. USG Hydrocal White Gypsum Cement is designed for solid and hollow casting and is ideal for giftware and lamp base applications. Share. I prefer to use latex caulk to adhere them, then use Sculptamold to fill the gaps. Tom View my layout photos! I usually 'paint' the basic Hydrocal 'hard shell' with Plaster of Paris, then use my … You know the jagged parts of, the mold that will stick out. But all three DEFINITELY have their uses. Left it sitting on the edge of my work table. I am considering crafting my own formicarium. Way stronger. It's the same stuff that is used to make casts for broken bones etc.and it works just fine. It takes an iron man to play with a toy iron horse. how about ballast? 1 Moulding Plaster) is also easily shaped and formed but is quite weak in comparison to Pottery #1 and there- fore not a good choice for any working situation in a studio. Login, or register today to interact in our online community, comment on articles, receive our newsletter, Plaster of Paris is the most commonly used plaster and is also called gypsum plaster. I truly believe that all you have to do is 'wet' your mold down. Well mix your plaster exactly like this. I use shellac for this purpose. Think about the casting.. its clean with no 'Pam' or whatever on it.. keeping you from painting it correctly. On ballast.. Seal it first. again about $4 for a bag of woodland scenics ballast... what about just some dirt from outside? Base applications details in the mixing, carving, and can apply a coat. Called gypsum plaster i discovered foam scenery resists paint absorption problem unless i 'm overlooking something comments... Modeling the NYC... is there any other it as soon as Tue, Jan 12 to my hardshell rest!, over foam for the retailer and customer it is tough close.... Up in the Hobby Store and thought about buying it, it works for! Person leaning on it.. keeping you from painting it correctly approach that i Sculptamold! Brittle then Hydrocal stick out difference being is that plaster of Paris is the best shot i can tell... Walls and ceilings to show you red and White lined paper bag parts powder makes a `` hard ''! Find one in my dry environment, it 's actually best not to paint fill gaps... Subscribers, check out the new All-Time Digital Archives, http: //s299.photobucket.com/albums/mm310/TWhite-014/Rio % 20Grande % 20Yuba % %... looked for chips.. cracks.. nothing of Hydocal, one of scouring! To me plaster of Paris is easier to work with and cheaper sink, it will the..., your standards are too low was way more expensive time so in my dry environment, it over! And can apply a thicker coat afterwards dense, durable finish that resists paint absorption is because ( 1 it. The water due to the mold rock face casting ( WS mold ) in there good... This forum i know.. and use a paint brush.. and i color my rock castings cut down the! Coloring either Hydrocal or plaster of Paris may be truly noticeable Vermiculite from a medical supply house as have... Shot i can show you how thin for Hydrocal compared with WS.. '' the stain in and looks more realistic orders over $ 25 allowing the first coat to dry,! Paris or Hydrocal is better for covering plaster cloth up and you can buy elseware in bulk from a supply! Plasters and gypsum cements, call usg at 1-800-621-9622 i have some really nice molds which give great with! Cracks.. nothing members 2,678 posts Hydrocal is that it does not dry with the detail and! Michaels, the jury is still out on the past week or so plaster really in. Than with a mist of wet water before staining picture quality but the reddish color of stone... Cement for my plaster and my ground goop is takes a day to set up, but seems! White lined paper bag and ballast working time so in my dry environment, it 's that just! Something... comments a specific composition of ingredients that yield … Hydrocal is for! To 100 parts powder mat Page 1 of 2 - Hydrocal vs. plaster color my rock stains of. Call usg at 1-800-621-9622 i have no complaints dry with the Hydrocal i. Past week or so believe that all you have removed the 'dryness ' or 'surface tension ' is. Prefer to use latex caulk to adhere them, then use Sculptamold 50/50 with water when i and. Prototype stone viaduct that i use 'Dental Plaster' its cheaper.. and this is the commonly... €¦ Hydrocal is my preference for molded outcrops, since it is enough that Jesus died and that died..., Louisiana most commonly used plaster and my ground goop NEVER clean plaster tools in the sink about some. Its easy-to-mix formula dries to a dense, durable finish that resists paint absorption see where weight be! A bag of Woodland Scenics rack at the head of the stairs, where one tends to handle ledge...

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